Huis Tekna children’s home.

Huis Tekna is a children’s home for physically, mentally and sexually abused children in the South African province of Limpopo. This safe haven has been operating for the last 24 years. Melanie Nel, the project manager at the children’s home and her kind hearted team work hard every day to ensure the emotional, mental and physical health of each child in their care.

They dedicate their time and effort to developing the confidence, health, education and personality of each child and their favourite part is seeing the children grow and develop from the day they arrive at the home.

When Together International (South Africa) heard of the good work being done at Huis Talje we needed to do something to support them and be a part of the positive change that this team of individuals are making in the world of young children with challenges.

We have since made donations to assist the home and have also arranged a local donation point where people can donate food for Huis Tekna.  We asked Melanie what made her the most glad about getting into contact with Together International. Her answer was “They are professional, kind and helpful. They support organisations all over the world and I believe their donations will really go to the people that they are meant for.”

Over the years Huis Tekna has done their fresh goods shopping for the home at a local business called Warmbaths Mini Market that has been operating in the town for 41 years. The owners of this local family business appreciate the support of their business by Huis Tekna and have shown their appreciation over the years by occasionally donating fruit and snacks for the children.

By putting our efforts together to find solutions to the needs of such a loving home that truly makes a difference in the lives of each child, we have been able to gather funds and commitments both locally and internationally so that the donations that the children rely on for things such as food, toiletries, clothes, medical care and supplements are more frequent.  We have secured a monthly donation of food for the home by partnering with Warmbaths Mini Market and have also set up a donation point to inspire the community to take part in the positive changes we are making.