“ It always seems impossible until it is done.” – Nelson Mandela


Together Foundation undertakes food collection and distribution in order to assist vulnerable communities, whether that be in least developed countries or in developed countries (“fourth world” communities). Distribution is made through its network of partners.

  • Food 600 kg 60% 60%
  • 1100 euros 50% 50%


Extension of very small loans (microloans) to impoverished borrowers who typically lack collateral, steady employment, or verifiable credit history. It is designed to support entrepreneurship and alleviate poverty.

Below are some images from the farms in El Salvador that we have been able to subsidize with donations from our previous campaigns. These small farms are in the Caserío Los Matas and are producing many vegetables from tomatoes, to chilis to bananas!


Contribute to the development of the most vulnerable educational communities, whether they are in underdeveloped, less developed or developed countries (the so-called fourth world). Through our Solidarity Classes and other smaller projects to promote education. 

In the images below, you can see 7 students that TI Netherlands was able to sponsor for housing and travel to school in El Salvador, as well as students in Los Andes, Chile participating in Education for All through our penpal project “Una carta, un amigo.” 


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