Food For All

Food for All (FFA) is one of the basic programs run by the Development Cooperation Division (DCD), with the assistance of the rest of TI’s structure as a whole.

The FFA is conceived to provide direct relief to vulnerable communities, regardless of the level of development of their countries (underdeveloped countries, Least developed countries or the so called fourth world in developed countries).

Two main fundraising campaigns a year are raised, called Operation Kilo during May and November. 

The program focuses on collecting the following donations:

Food donations: we receive direct non-perishable food donations from individual donors and collaborating entities, such as schools, universities, businesses, associations, etc.). 

Monetary donations: from private or institutional donations and fundraising activities. 

Operation Kilo


Each school will design a circuit within their premises (with any distance deemed appropriate). The participating students will run a lap, carrying a small can of food. They will pass the “baton” to teh next student at the end of their lap. The stduents will all contribute a donation of one kilo of food to the campaign.

Our volunteers collect the food donations and take them to local, officially recognised food banks, that will distribute the donations appropriatly.

Operation Kilo campaigns focus on requesting and receiving food and monetary donations. Run to feed is a sports event designed to support the operation kilo campaigns. Due to current Covid-19 restrictions, the event was conceived in the format of a relay race, to be run within school premises, being an acitivity that combines physical education with slidarity cause.

International Food banks

By supporting the creation of food banks we hope to reduce hunger and help the economic developement of vulnerable comunities. Food banks create jobs and promote the purchasing of goods and services from local businesses which can serve as a economic boost.


Small loans are provided to ventures in Food Security in vulnerable communities: agriculture. etc. These loans are designed to benefit applicants with no dept capacity and are based in community guarantees, with an interest zero policy.

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